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~ USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Mission ~

The U.S.A. Martial Arts ‘Hall of Fame’ “Hall of Heroes” was originally created in ‘1976’. 

This was the creation then by Grand Master Robert Trias to recognize hard 

working martial artists at all levels.

Often times we hear from some…I don’t deserve such honor! This is so untrue. In fact, please remember this is not a ‘celebrity’ only function, this function is designed for Martial Artists at all levels. It takes the instructors of today to insure ‘our’ world of Martial Arts continues via worldwide! Many Instructors use their savings to begin schools; mortgage homes, away from families always, suffered marriages, relationships, 

due to time spent at schools!

 While many watch a movie with the family, some instructors work at his or her desk planning classes, projects! Things to stay alive! So yes, everyone, YOU are Martial Arts history and don’t forget that!

Allow yourself & yours the opportunity to share your world! Accept your award with ‘Honor’! You deserve it! Though celebrities are brought in…the actual format is designed for those Martial Artist who live, eat, and dream of the Arts and those people do deserve a place in our Martial Arts history. Our celebrities we bring in once had instructors like those who will receive awards. 

They are the ones who gave the celebrities the opportunity to be who they are today.

For that…Yes YOU do deserve such an Honor! We encourage you to be part and also 

Nominate others you feel as well deserve such a special moment! 

Please use Nomination Form found on our HOF Forms section.

Grandmaster Jim Thomas, Ph.D./D.Sc./Ma.Dsc.

*C.E.O. – U.S.A. Martial Arts “Hall of Fame” “Hall of Heroes”

*Head Coach – U.S. National Martial Arts Team

*C.E.O. – ‘Alliance’ –Worldwide

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